Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The catch-up

I was just informed that we are to produce a blog for semesters 1 and 2 aswell as the FMP blog so excuse me while i try to catch you up on the past few weeks events.

Id like to start by saying, well, here i am in year 3. The uni experience is drawing to a close but hopefully not without a bang! I'm running a parallel blog to this which will cover FMP related posts which can be viewed here:

This blog (my continuation from the last two years) will cover until Christmas. It should present you with some exciting works from rooftop level design to vehicular modeling but first ill catch you up on what ive been getting on with over the summer. In August, Arena Net announced a year internship at their base in Seattle and being such a huge fan i thought this a perfect opportunity to try to get a foot in the games industry. However with the announcement being so late in the summer break i was unsure weather to apply as i wouldnt really have a choice in leaving uni that close to term time. But then i saw it as such a big thing to miss even their acknowledgement that i would go for it anyway. I then dedicated the remaining weeks of my holiday working solidly on the project brief set by ANet to see if i was deemed worthy.
Still feeling a little unprepared and overwhelmed i gave it my best shot because afterall it was practice of my 3D skills. The project was to produce a house or character, both with the orthographic views supplied along with the texture budget and tri count. Heres the brief:

These were my outcomes.

After the deadline i did hear back from them but not the news i was hoping for. In the end it was all practice and will hopefully help towards this year.

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