Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lights and Logos

By now im sure im having a neon company sign in just the right place so its realistic but somewhere the player can see it from. Also, i needed a company name for my sign. I knew i wanted industrial signage so to the point, and maybe with a logo would do.

I wanted to call it, i dont know, something like 'EMPIRE', something grand. However i really didnt want to get into all that copywrite stuff so was extra careful on my name. I thought i could make a take on the word empire and 'logoise' it into something more company like. I played with combinations like :


But most turned out to already be out there a small companies. I really liked the way EMPR looked on my building but this was an Australian Hardware company. After contemplating some additional symbols i came up with EMP-R, which i think still reads empire and doesnt breach the Aussie name.

Here were some logo designs before and after settling on EMP-R:

And this was to be my final logo.

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