Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Roof shapes

Exploring layout i couldnt settle on a shape for ages. I wanted something fun from both the player view and above while maintaining a realistic scale and shape. I didnt want something too oversized and barren nor did i want something too small and crowded.

After researching New York buildings i began to get a sense of the assets i needed to provide my rooftop with.

Little things like:

Air vents
A/C units

Aswell as these i wanted one/multiple main focal points for my level to give it something extra.

Water tower

These would be the biggest features and the most interesting so would require the most budget when it came to the modeling and texturing.

I was struggling with the shape of the building so tested some shapes in max.

Here you can see how my idea fits into the city scape as not being the highest building and giving it a more enclosed feel.

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