Monday, 4 April 2011

Creative wannabe vs corperate pro.

Last year i stated that i had mixed views on this topic and i dont feel my views have changed all that much.

"“Some game companies want highly trained graduate artists and programmers. Some claim they really prefer creative individuals with a good Liberal Arts background. They can?t both be right can they?”

I can see sense on both sides, while on one hand its obvious why companies would want experienced pros I can also understand why companies would look for creative fresh original talent even if its from a more libral arts based background. Obviously they’d have to be good at arts too but im sure this background has its pluses.

Just speaking off topic to fill in some space, I think this course is really a true game arts course as apposed to the many others I viewed, while all claiming to be game design and very arts based this is the only one I knew of under the name of Game Art Design, here I feel I am taught way more arts based stuff than I ever thought I would be on any of the other ones (which is great!). I felt as though they had pushed the art aside and just built up on core skills generic to the industry.

Anyway.. maybe im more pro- highly trained graduate artists, after all it would take too much time and money to train up someone who knew little of the industry but was hired on an intellect basis."

I suppose it all depends on the role and the project. If i was designing a game which i was unsure of its style i would hire a creative person who could provide input and design into his concepts. Maybe someone who could visualise something in a more powerful way than i could imagine. However if my project had a strict art style, maybe a film game or a sequel. It would be more sensible to have someone who maybe cant create and adapt too much but can churn amazing concepts and get an idea i explain across to further artists.

I really dont know how to answer this question/discuss this topic. Because i feel a well structured industry should have both.

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