Monday, 10 January 2011


For this project i would like to design a brief i could possibly look into using for my FMP. Obviously this is a very rough cut and will most likely change along the course of my progression through the year.
I enjoy the 1930s/40s mob Mafia scene as I think it is the most interesting era to present day. I am not doing the future as I want other people to be able to relate to what I am creating.
I want to use this 'noire' period as a core art style on which I can introduce different fictional styles like the introduction of superheroes / steam-punk.
This game will most likely unfold as a 3rd person action adventure featuring environment and logic puzzles and a heavy 'cause and effect' story line. This mainly being a choice based system that will effect future character alliances. In the game you will fight along side a Semi NPC character which will fight and follow you but the player can jump in and take tactical control of their power using both characters in unison during a fight. The side-kick will also assist with puzzles and utilise their own powers for each unique puzzle instance.

The Characters

The main character:
this will be a masked super hero who is very dark and mysterious and doesn't talk but is spoke for through the side-kick. His powers are telekinetic based, being able to throw objects and debris as well as pick up, pull and push objects. As well as these superhero based powers he will come across various weapons and use a slick hand to hand combat against his foes.

Tri count: 12,000
1024x1024 D/N/S

This will be a NPC that can be somewhat guided by the player in combat and puzzles. They are a smaller more agile character that darts around using their unique teleport ability, they will most likely be female (or animal or even a robot) and will be dressed somewhat similar to the main character.

Tri count: 9,000
1024x1024 D/N/S

The main character will have a motorbike that fits with the times, when ridden the NPC will dart from building to building behind him keeping up.

Tri count: 15000
1024x1024 D/N/S

An inside of a mansion with towering columns and lots of destructible elements with possibly a courtyard aswell.

Tri count: N/A

I will have various scenery including vases, statues, desks, chairs and other household items.

Tri count:2,500

The main characters weapons will be duel long pistols,
Tri count:2,000

The NPC weapon will be some kind of melee weapon (if they are humanoid) Retractable batons.



Pencil and paper
traditional media

3ds Max
Z Brush

Level design

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