Wednesday, 20 January 2010


A creative person has the ability to invent and develop original ideas, especially in the arts.”


To be creative is to do something worthwhile or beneficial. People who are passionate and love it enough will practice and practice what they do, they will do it because they love it, is this creativity? The ability to persist with an idea until mastered, or is having that single idea that reinvents something in a totally new and exciting light being creative?

We are all born, we discover and explore, is this creativity? I think it is, but not the same as conscious creativity, i feel that when a child grows and explores its surroundings it is self discovery not creativity that is found. As we grow we take to certain things, the things we enjoy we pursue and practice, this is a conscious creative state. However all people see this in a different light, fine art would praise creativity for the originality and self exploration or manipulation of some scene presented in a interactive or visual mannor but i feel that the simple fact of doing something for a greater worthwhile gain is creative, this course for example, yes its creative, its extremely creative, but not in agreement to fine art, if we produce work life like and of realistic design we are praised for it where as fine art would praise the opposite, with meaning. With our modelling we are creating 3d sculptures, if we were to show fellow game art students they would find it creative (providing it was good) because they understand the effort and outcome and see it as a visually appealing asset where as a less creative person like a mathematician would see it as merely a series of processes to which the same are applied to any 3d object constructed in the same way.

People are aspired to follow creativity from not only the enjoyment but for other reasons like financial success or praise. Being praised for work makes us feel good, and being able to fuel the praise means we become creative.

As far as games go i believe they are following rules and traditions because they know that design sells, they will follow the same regulations of winning formulas just to succeed, each idea can be seen as creative but in the end the process may no end up being that original. Only when they apply new outside the box theories and design can it be seen as truly creative, every now and again a game will come along that is so mindblowingly unique that most would say it was creative.

I think the idea of creativity has many different forms and views and depending on your audience it can receive different levels of praise and reception.

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