Sunday, 14 March 2010

Games Culture

Am I part of any games cultures? I don’t know, I know what im into, action adventure and puzzle. I’d have to say the closest I get to being part of anything though is probably within MMO’s although I don’t anymore. I used to play GuildWars, a fantasy MMORPG of which I would play for hours, I think it’s the idea that it’s a real thriving community that evolves as you play, people discover ways to bypass things and loop holes in the system, that’s what I enjoyed most about it. I spent far too long on GuildWars, too many hours to say but each one was fun and fulfilling. I started playing the role-playing story side of it but it soon simmered down to player vs player where you could really go to town on the way you chose to set up for battle, finding the perfect balance of skills was what kept me playing for so long, and the thrill of victory as you take down a well known and well feared fighting type, it’d take too long to explain what im on about but take my word for it, it was fun. I had a few friends on GuildWars that I talked to about lots of different things not even related to the game, even though I didn’t know them in person, I got to know I guy who was playing in his spare time but worked fixing military aircraft and was situated on a foreign base, I don’t know how true any of that was but it was a fun concept. Also as you may have guessed, on of the main features of GuildWars is that you are part of a Guild, during my early playing days I was part of a really social American guild and it was really fun, but they all left for WoW. Now I suppose I could say im part of the xbox live community although for me that isn’t really social, I just enjoy that because it’s more satisfying to win against a real opponent than a computer, way more satisfying.

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